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Official London Tourism site here London Attractions (With Train Tickets)

Check out, or to plan your journey From Point A to Point B, inside london on Train/Tube/Bus/DLR etc. Its a very useful website. It tells you the total expected journey time PLUS the Start and Destination Maps with walking route (If a walk is part of your route to reach an address) in green color.

Note: To travel on tube and buses in london you will need to buy an Oyster Pay As You Go Card from TubeStation or other TFL ticket Counters. This card will always charge you minimum fare on your local travel in london and so you don’t have to worry about calculating prices and fares of your local travel inside london. If your age is less than 25 and you plan to use National Rail (Overground Trains) to see London/UK during your stay here or if you plan to use Oyster Pay As You Go Card for more than 12days in london then you will save even more if you buy a national rail young persons rail card (Costs £25 for an year) from a national rail/overground station and linking it with your Oyster Pay As You Go Card. You will save around £2 on your daily off-preak travel in london and 33% on your off-peak national rail travel outside london. Check this to see how much you can save.

If Its your first time in London and you want to see the most of it within one day then best option is to buy a BusTour Ticket. They cover almost all of the important attractions in london and you can getoff or geton the buses at any of their stops. They usually include a free Thames Cruise as well (best part of day trip). Tickets can be bought on Bus but best way to get discount is either book online or from their main ticketing booths at Original London Visitor Centre Trafalgar Square (Charing Cross Station), Whitcomb Street (Piccadilly Circus) or Grosvenor Gardens (Victoria) stops.
Latest of whats happening/to see, in London here
HopOn-HopOff Bustour + Thames Cruise for £20 FOR 1 London Attractions (With Train Tickets)
London Pass – Covers 55 Attractions
The website has maps of all local cycle paths!
Click here for Bus Route Maps In London ( Comprehensive information to save on train travel )
Top 10 things to see in London
Helicopter Sightseeing Flights- London/UK
Best of London In Summer
Current Popular Theatre In London
1)The TransportForLondon Dept runs a very helpful and little known Mobile-SMS service for people lost in london and trying to get to somewhere from somewhere. When you are lost in london, at any time of day or night, type a Text Msg(SMS) on your mobile like “A to B” (Where A and B can be name of Bus Stop/Tube Station/Post Code) and send it to 60835 and you will receive back in few seconds a Text Message from TFL telling you about the best/fastest route to reach your destination. For Ex “Holborn to Baker Street” MORE HERE.
2)TfL has launched a new service to help you get home. When you’re out and about, just text CAB to 60835 and the telephone numbers of your two nearest (Your Mobile’s Location) licensed minicab operators will be sent directly to your mobile phone.

To find out any location in UK based on postcode or street name click It also is useful to find out prominent businesses, restaurants, bars, clubs, tourist attractions in london and UK
Click here for Bus Route Maps In London
Click Here For Bus Route Maps in UK (Outside London)
Grab a Pocket Tube Map from any london-underground station and keep it handy. – Best Resolution Tube Map
Some interesting and helpful maps you can order online.
Click Or to plan UK National Rail journeys and check ticket prices.
Don’t forget to buy National Rail Card (costs just £25/year) and save 33% on off-peak Rail travel in london/UK.
Important: Link it to your Oyster Card and save money (Roughly £2/day) on day-to-day travel. Check this to see how much you can save.
A great guide for Tourist Accomodation in London/UK
A helpful guide for tips on Transport to/from/within the UK or Europe


You may well need some tips on how to pronounce London place names.

Gloucester Road – GLOSS-ter Road
Leicester Square – LESS-ter Square
Holborn – HOE-burn, or HOE-b’n
Covent Garden – the ‘o’ is short as in codpiece
Greenwich – GRENNITCH
Dulwich – DULLITCH
Vauxhall – VOX-all
Plaistow – PLAH-stow
Chiswick – CHIZZICK
Putney – The ‘u’ is pronounced as in butter, not as in butcher
Marylebone – Mary-lea-bone (say it fast)
River Thames – River THEMMS
Southwark – Su-therk (su as in subtle)

Some other Attractions:- 1) If you are into literarture,books,cinema etc then SOUTHBANK (Near Waterloo/Embankment) is the place to checkout. Its a nice walk along thames. Full of tourists in summer. International food and lively music. Street Performances and decorations. A spot dedicated to skate-boarders.
2) A large and lovely used books-stall outside NFT(National Film Theatre) which is kinda heaven for someone into reading books. 🙂
Nearby National Theatre is famous for its performances and festivals.
3) This thames-walk is also the spot for world famous Thames Fireworks which happen in August/September every Year!.

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