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Mobile Phones (Contact/Prepaid)


Most Mobile phones sold in Asia/Europe are DUAL BAND. Meaning they work on both 900/1800Mhz Frequency Bands. Most GSM networks in South Asia are on 900Mhz whereas most GSM networks in UK are on 1800Mhz.
So a Normal GSM (Nokia.LG,Samsung etc) Phone In Asia/Europe will work in UK too. However UK has 3G networks as well and 3G Sims don’t work in Normal GSM phones. Most students prefer T-Mobile (Free Voicemail), O2 or 3 network. O2 is the most popular network among working professionals. O2 is also usually the cheapest network for Roaming in Europe. Recently Three network has comeup with 3Skypephone in joint effort with Skype which is proving to be very popular among those Asians/Europeans who talk a lot with people back home. Three’s Mobile Broadband is also the most popular mobile-broadband in UK. Most Pay-monthly (Just like Post-Paid) Phone Instruments come free on a 12/18 month contract. You are liable to pay for remaining term of contract if you break it before the term is over. Not getting proper signal in office/home isn’t accepted as a valid reason to get rid of contract. SO MAKE SURE, the network you are interested in shows good strength signal on a friend’s phone in office or at home, otherwise you’ll be stuck with it for 12/18 months which is a very long period.
Note: When a contract is over, you can port your no. to another network (taking no. with you) within 48 hrs. All you need is a PAC code which your existing network will provide you. – UK’s leading mobile phones review site.
Lebara Pre-Paid Sim = A good Pre-paid simcard with cheap international rates

Some good websites to find mobile phone deals are:-
O2 Home – for 3G Iphone, Sim only + mobile offers and Broadband
T-Mobile Offers – from T-Mobile Great Offers – Part of CarphoneWarehouse – No Scams – Part of CarphoneWarehouse – No Scams
Ps: You are strongly advised not to buy mobile phones from small and not well known web sites as there have been some scams reported recently. After few months of operations, these companies declare themselves bankrupt and you don’t get your Moneyback ever!

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