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Voting and Credit File Info

Voting and Credit File Info:-

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Citizens of Commonwealth Nations, its citizens are allowed to VOTE in UK in most elections. It doesn’t matter which VISA (except Business/Visitor Visa) you have as long as you have stayed for more than 3 months in this country, you are considerd as UK resident and are eligible to vote. is the site to download registration form and post it to council office to register yourself as a voter. Being on voting list is one of the most important parameters for a good credit score.
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This guide can help you get good credit cards, loans, mortgages when you need them. It takes years to build a good credit file. So start building it as soon as you feel you are resident In UK and will stay here for more than a year.

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Some Basic Tips:-
1) Get on VOTERS list as soon as you move into a new address.
2) Don’t change address more than 2-3 times in last 3 yrs. Even if you’ve actually changed, for purpose of online credit card and loan applications, don’t show more than 2-3 address in last 3 yr. Maintain a text file of these records and always fill same information on every application.
3) Get a credit card asap (if you don’t get it from 1-2 posh providers, try, don’t make too many applications in few days, every search is recorded in your credit file, wait for few months) . use it for spending. Clear ur balance in full every month for 3 months. Ask for a raise in credit limit. Then after another 6 months ask for another raise. You should ideally reach 10K credit limit to have best chances for a good mortgage offer.
4) Get your credit file every 6 months for £2 only, from and/or
5) Whenever You buy any services in UK which require a contract of 6/12 months or so (like mobile phone, accomodation, etc), in most cases the decision will be made by provider if your credit file is OK.
6) BOTTOM LINE is Credit File is Hugely Important thing in UK. So take it seriously.

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