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Accommodation Tips


Etiquettes for Flatshare Hunting

1) When you contact someone through gumtree or other website, always provide some basic information about you in your first email.
Example of a Good Contact:-
Hi, I am XYZ originally from XYZ part of Asia/Europe. I work with XYZ company in a full time job as IT/Marketing/XYZ Consultant.
I am looking to rent a decent place for minimum 3-6 months.I am a clean person, non-smoker, eat both veg & non veg, social and with an open mind.
I like a quiet place as I am not a noisy/party person myself. My budget is upto £450 only. Please let me know if my details match your requirement.
Example of a Bad Contact
Hello, I am XYZ looking for room. I am working. My contact no. is 653656536153. Call me back!
Example of a VERY VERY Bad Contact
Hello, My contact no. is 653656536153. Call me back!

NOTE: When you book a viewing appointment with the landlord or agent, always inform them if you can’t make it
Usually while booking you will say “I will be coming in evening at around 7pm to see the flat.” – So take it as a commitment! In evening if you can’t make it, before 5-6pm (not later than 6:00pm), always inform the landlord/agent.
Good Approach.
b) – “Sorry I won’t be able to come as I have found another option. Please don’t wait for me!”
Bad Approach.
– No call or message from you and landlord keeps waiting for you! THIS IS CONSIDERED VERY BAD and should be avoided.

One of the biggest concerns of anyone moving to London/UK is Accomodation.

Quick Note: When you move houses In UK, you can take advantage of Royal Mail Redirection (roughly £5/month). This facility will automatically redirect all your post from old address to new address. You can even apply Online for it at You will never miss that important bank/creditcard statement or your visa papers from homeoffice.
Q1How much is average living cost in london?
Ans- London is divided into 6 Zones. Click here Or to see the map. Central London is Zone 1 and is the costliest place to live. In this zone, a room in an average shared accomodation (3-4 rooms in one flat/house) will typically cost you £600-£700+ Pcm
As you move towards outer zones, rooms/flats/houses get cheaper. The best website to check for room rents is To get these cheap accomodations, either visit the local Newsagent shops’ windows or PG Accomodation section of this Guide! Crime and security scene of all these areas is more or less same. Check for the crime scene in the neighbourhood you are thinking of moving in. For women, London is comparatively safer than many parts of South
Your Rights As Tenants – All Kinds of Tenancy Explained here – A leading site for london – Excellent guide for student accomodation – Amazing Google Maps Based Site!

Q: Types of Short Term/Bed&Breakfast/Tourist Accomodation in UK?

Two Kinds of Rental Accomodation:-
Shared Acco – 2 or more people share same house, kitchen, toilets etc. Every tenant gets an individual room. Most shared-acco rental contracts are for 6 months (rolling after that) with 2-4 weeks notice period. You are expected to pay deposit (usually one month’s rent) and one month’s rent upfront. Usually these contracts are done direct with landlords and estate agents arenot involved in them
Whole House/Flat – This typically involves three parties 1)Tenant (single person, couple or group of friends), 2)Estate Agent, 3) Landlord. Landlord is more or less invisible in this arrangement (although by law, you can ask for Landlord’s contact details). Estate Agents take care of the house, rent and all maintenance. You will have to go through a Credit Check (at your cost – £45 Approx) and in some cases might have to provide reference letter from your Employer. Estate agents will charge admin and contract drawing fees ( £60 – £125 Approx) to you. Contracts are Assured tenancy agreement of 6-12 months. (rolling after that – with one month notice period). In most cases, You will have to pay 1 months rent in advance and deposit which could be 1 to 1.5 times of monthly rent. You are liable to pay for remaining term of contract if you have to leave before the term is over, unless you, with mutual agreement between you and estate agent, find out someone who is interested to take up the property on rent.

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