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Arriving In UK


Cheap Cab/Taxi Companies Near Heathrow Airport
020 8577 5050
020 8569 4040
020 8570 3939
020 8423 4444
020 8385 0101
Or you can pre-book one of the pickup cabs at good price at
You can call the above taxi nos. from payphone at Airport and wait outside Heathrow Terminal 1,2,3 Departures – thats their fav pickup spot. If you have a mobile handset with you then you can get a Pre-Paid UK SimCard (Lebara/LycaMobile/Vodafone rates are best) at Airport from a Vending Machine/Calling Cards Kiosk. To read more on which mobile phones will work here, scroll down the page a little.If its your first trip to UK, you would be worrying about the cold and always rainy weather in UK. But don’t pack too much warm clothes as because of lack of significant pollution here, you can really wear same stuff many times. Plus clothes-stores like PRIMARK sell clothes for very cheap price. So better keep your luggage light.
Suggested Clothing:- bring two warm outers (atleast one jacket which can handle water), 2-3 sweatshirts (thick stuff T-Shirts, best for this weather), 4-5 shirts n ties, 2-3 trousers, 2 jeans, one pair of sports shoe and one pair of formal shoes (Shoes are very costly here) and rest you can buy here.

After landing:- Most people land at Heathrow Airport although Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester are also quite common landing options.

From Heathrow (Check Flight Status on all U.K. Airports):

1) Best Option to reach Central london is to Buy an Oyster Card at Heathrow Underground Terminal and Top it up with £7 Credit(Enough for one day). Piccadilly line (usually no service between 12:30AM – 4:00Am) from heathrow takes you to heart of london and with further connections ( you can reach almost everywhere within Zone 1-6 of london. There is also a Heathrow Express Service (Oyster not valid) which costs a little more but is the fastest method to reach London Paddington (Zone 1).
London’s Major Overground Stations are VICTORIA (For South West England), WATERLOO(For South East England), PADDINGTON (For West England), KINGS CROSS(For North East England & Scotland), LIVERPOOL STREET (For EAST England), EUSTON (For North West England and Scotland). Tickets bought in advance over the net are much cheaper than bought on the spot. Check to plan UK National Rail journeys and to check ticket prices. Don’t forget to Buy a National Rail Network Card (£25 for an year) which gets you 33% discount on any National Rail Offpeak (after 10:00Am) Ticket above £10. You will easily reover £25 or may be more in an year.
2) BUS Travel in UK is the cheapest mode of transport. Almost all UK airports have good long-distance BUS Connections to Important cities and Stations. Check to plan your journey. Tkts can be bought on the Heathrow BUS Station or on the bus itself. Although, tickets bought online are much much cheaper than Tkts bought on Spot. You just need the Booking Reference No. to board the bus. Keep it in writing and not just on Mobile as Mobile Battery usually goes off while travelling. Good connections to Victoria, Waterloo, Euston, Birmingham, Coventry etc.
3) TAXI – is the costliest mode of transport in UK. Especially the BLACK CABS from the TAXI RANK outside Airports and Stations. Your best bet is to phone a Hired Cab Service located in your destination area. They usually have special rates for Airport Pickups.
a) Search for a Taxi Company in your Destination area at
b) Call atleast 3 of them , and ask them for special rates for heathrow.
c) Most of them would want passengers to come out of airport and meet at/around some landmark like signboard/bus stop. Inform this thing about landmark to your guests. Also give your guests the contact no of cab company so they could liase with them when their flight lands.
4) If you ask taxi company to wait at Airport in arrival lounge – with a sign in their hand then they will charge you extra for that. Parking at heathrow is quite expensive

Low cost, Prestige VIP Meet n Greet Parking Service At heathrow another good + cheap pickup service
If you are Bringing Your Mobile Handset with you..

1) Almost all European/SouthAsian (GSM) Mobile phones work here in UK. UK Mobile Networks don’t support CDMA Phones.
2) After landing at Airport you can get a Pre-Paid sim-card(Its called pay-as-you-go in UK) from Vending Machines (Like Coke Can Machines) at Airport for £10. All those sim-cards come with £10 calling credit.
Recommended Sims are:-
1) Lebara Pre-Paid Sim Has Best Rates for International Calls or Try sim Card. Almost same price as Lebara.
2) Vodafone – PrePaid is also a good sime card
Now you can inform people backhome that you reached safely. Don’t use international roaming on your own country’s Sim as it will cost you more than £1.20- £1.50 per minute to make a call to your country . (Note: If you have come here to stay for more than a month, then get a Three network’s skypephone from some mobilephone shop on high-street on pay-as-you-go simcard. Three not only gives maximum UK minutes on pre-paid simcards but if you have skypephone, you can call friends/family with Skype-on-Pc, anywhere in world for free.)
3) Get the private hire cab/taxi no.s from information desk. Then call the taxi/cab service from airport. (Note: Taxi Nos for Heathrow Airport are given above), You can also get private-hire cab/taxi numbers from directory services. Open the sim’card’s user guide and find out Contact No of their directory services. That No. will typically start from 118. Ex – 118-118. (Calling mobile network’s own directory services will be cheaper than calling 118-118, typical costs 40-50p per call) Call that directory Service No. and get 2-3 taxi services contact Nos form them. Call the taxi services and ask for special rates for Airport pickup. They should send a taxi right away or in most cases will have a taxi already on way to Airport coming to drop-off some passenger.
Note: BUT If you take the black cabs/taxis from outside Airport then that will cost you much more than pre-hired cabs from your destination town.

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